Anchor bolt system as an effective means of anchorage,was widely used in tunnel pre-support,radial support,reinforcement,as well as tunnel disease treatment works.And the use of anchor bolt system has made a lot of good economic and social benefits.

Metis is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of anchor bolt and tools in China. Our products are exported world wide, used in mining, quarrying, tunneling, hydroelectric, civil-construction ,railway tunnel and subsea tunnel,etc. Based on specialized technique of our factory, we are able to design and producing a completely new product in accordance with customers’ requirement.

The hollow threaded bar is a sort of new construction technology that has been widely applied in the geological engineerings and raiway station project.And a large amounts of problems have been soloved in the manufacturing process and it is well apllicable to the poor ground conditions,such as loose soil,weak rocks,unsolidable layers and so on.

We have a deep seated knowledge and understanding of rock bolting and vast experience gained by working with customers across many, many years. We have a full time Technical Director to support customer enquiries both big and small. Our customer service is second to none.