Metis’s ground engineering solutions utilise a hollow anchor bar, which has a continuous thread running along its external wall. A suitable drill bit is fitted to the end of the bar to penetrate the structure or material requiring stabilisation and a drill rig is used to install the bar into the desired position.Grout is injected through the hollow bar and ejected from apertures in the drill bit. Pressure then forces the grout back along the outside of the bar to form a strong, monolithic stabilising structure.

Metis’s ground engineering techniques provide solutions for anchor, soil nail, pile or rock bolt applications, with a wide variety of bar sizes,drill bits and accessories available to suit every requirement.

The Metis solution uses the hollow threaded bar as a conduit for either air, water or grout flushing mediums. The medium used is dependent on the ground conditions encountered. For example: Rock would normally require air or water whereas soft or collapsing ground would require grout.

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