With various capacity ranges the Metis’s Self drilling anchor bars can be used in most reinforcement and support applications. They can also be used either in mines or in civil engineering applications, and their specific mechanical properties will provide the requested safety and performance.

The self drilling anchor bolt is the important element of the flexible supporting system. The functional mechanism of the anchor bolt combined arch depends mainly on the reinforcement effect from the systematic anchor bolts to the whole surrounding rock. It will help the surrounding rock to form arch bearing structure in a certain depth range, and to bring its high compressive strength into full play.

Metis is growing to be the most professional supplier among anchor bolt manufacturers in geotechnical engineering and construction industries in Asia. We are proud to make good products that make the industries we serve safer and more efficient.Today,Metis is currently the market anchor bolt manufacturer in the industry. We have earned the confidence and trust of engineering utilities. The Metis’s creative cost controls, reliable quality control measures, ability to meet deadlines, and consistent high quality standards drive the Metis's success. Our reputation has allowed us to participate in engineering projects across the country.