With rapid development of economy, the underground engineering construction has made remarkable achievements. However, in the settlement of the mountain collapse, landslides and other issues, self drilling anchor bar has been more and more popular with each engineer. It combines drilling, grouting and anchoring in one progress and this technical characteristics is significant for anchoring under the complex geological conditions.

These Self drilling anchor system of Metis can withstand the high capacity of a new construction or significantly aid in the reinforcement of an existinghigh-impact structure.When your application calls for a very specific product,Metis has the experience and capabilities to meet your needs for Self drilling anchors.We are dedicated to create value for the customers by acquiring Self drilling anchor related infrastructure, which help us in catering to the growing needs of clients.

We assure the highest quality and on-time delivery of Self drilling anchors manufactured in China, enabling to progress your engineering Projects worldwide.We’ve solved Self drilling anchor problems from its applications to the small home appliance industry.In each industry and virtually every countrywe serve, we’re known for the innovation of our design and the quality of our Self drilling anchors products. But as good as our current Selfdrilling anchor systems are, we’re convinced the best is yet to come. Because you’ll demand it.