Self drilling anchors are made from a high yield micro alloy steel tubing. They are installed with the injection bored method. This method involves pressure pumping a cementious grout while the anchor itself is being drilled into the ground. There are many benefits to this method, one being the ease of installation. Because it is one step, and the grouting and drilling process are simultaneous, the installation is simple and fast. Another benefit of using rock anchors is that this method allows the use of smaller equipment, meaning that it is easier to use hollow bar anchors and piles in low overhead, limited access areas where other types of bracketing systems may not be an option.

The features of self drilling anchors:

Uses Metis self drilling anchors as drill steel, grouting conduit and steel element of your pile.

Threads are formed much like the ribs on a reinforcing bar and are fabricated to standards.

The surrounding grout cover acts as corrosion protection.

Additional methods of corrosion protection can be applied such as metallizing, epoxy coating or galvanizing.

Continuous threads guarantee the Metis self drilling anchors can be cut or coupled anywhere along its length.

Available in various sizes to accommodate loading requirements.

Metis is the supplier of self drilling anchors systems.We supply couplings, hollow core drill bits and other hardware for ground support and shoring anchors.We also manufacture ground support hardware like adapter coupling and special order accessories.